Welcome to Janet, Mark and Karen's Family Website! We live in the Bay Area in Northern California with an old Guide Dog career-change lab named Carrie and Mr. Fish. What does this have to do with Alameda Velo, you ask? Nothing, other than we live in Alameda and Mark is a big cycling fan and hard core recreational rider. We haven't done much with this site yet. We plan to transcribe all our travel journals (Europe '75 - the Bike Tour, Europe '86, Europe '89, Europe '98, among others), family pictures, favorite recipes, and other useless information into here. This also gives Mark a place to publish his bicycling training journals, so hit the links below and get some cycling tips along the way. The pictures below are from our long weekend trip to Kauai in November, 2002, our trip to Portugal and Spain in May 2007, and our pets from their younger days, Carrie and the late Rusty frolicking in the snow during the 2001 Holidays.

For Mark's annual summer baseball trips, please go to www.brothersinbaseball.com. If you are looking for the Alameda Velo Cycling Team website, go to www.alamedavelo.com. That's dot com, not dot net. I also have a blog (how nerdy!) with my cycling, workout, and nutrition ramblings at inclinemark.blogspot.com. Thanks!

Here's What the Family Has Done So Far!
Cajun Jambalaya! & more
Our Favorite Recipes
Death Ride Training!
Mark's 2007 Ride Reports
More Epic Ride Training!
Mark's 2008 Ride Reports
And More Epic Ride Training!
Mark's 2009 Ride Reports
And Still More Epic Ride Training!
Mark's 2010 Ride Reports
And More Epic Ride Training!
Mark's 2011 Ride Reports
European Vacation Journal: 1986
Our trip journal from our five week trip to Europe in the Summer of 1986
Brothers in Baseball
Go to Mark's baseball tour website
Mark's Favorites Site
Reached from the Brothers In Baseball site, this is Mark's life experience and fitness goals ramblings.
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